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Josephine Howell was born in Chicago, IL. She has always been fascinated with music and the arts, Captivating family and friends at an early age with her amazing gifts.

“Josie” possesses a God-given endowment for the arts. She first explored her interest and abilities for singing in the children’s choir at her childhood church, The True Right M. B. Church. It was the beginning of the foundation that would sustain her through a life filled with the type of experiences that inspire every song, every word, and every moment she is on stage.

Josie is always exploring new avenues of expression. Her range of talent extends from singing, dancing and acting to the very production and direction of the arts. The experiences of her performances reflect the spirituality, love, struggles and victories of one who tells a story of triumph where there was no hope.

The passion, inspiration and melodious sound you savor when you have the privilege of experiencing one of her breathtaking performances is birthed from a life of challenging struggles and immense victories. Her voice alone tells a story in every song. When she is singing about love, you can feel the passion in the eyes of one


newly in love. When she is singing about having fun, it makes you want to run, like a child, to the playground of your youth. And when she is singing about the One who has given her new life, you feel the healing of her wounded heart and you know that Jesus lives!

Because Josephine recognizes the importance of each hand, helping another, she participates often in many local community events, performing, entertaining, but also sometimes speaking very candidly to those who need to hear from someone who's walked in their shoes. She is active in not only local affairs, but has also committed her time and talent to speak to our government about the plight of the homeless, a place she once knew firsthand. She believes that is important not just to entertain, but to use her gifts, her singing, her speaking, her acting, her directing to better the community, city and country in which she lives.

Josie attributes her success to her mother, Alberta Tucker, for instilling in her a spiritual foundation based on a personal relationship with God. But she recognizes God as her ultimate reason for her gifts, her will and her determination.

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